Qualified reflexologists

Experience improved well-being with holistic therapy.

Holistic therapy for better health and stress relief

Take some time off from your hectic schedule to de-stress with reflexology therapy. By applying appropriate pressure on specific points of your body, our reflexologists will be able to help you with local body pain, stress and up to some extent improve the functioning and balance of the internal organs. We also provide a range of head, half body and full body massages.

Contact Beauty Spot, Folksworth today. We are an NVQ Level 3 qualified beauty salon. Browse our complete price list.
Qualified reflexologists
Soothe your body and mind with reflexology therapy in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Call the Beauty Spot team on
07974 960 121 for an appointment.

Benefits of reflexology therapy

•  Improves blood circulation, thereby encouraging faster healing and repair of damaged cells
•  Has a relaxing effect, useful in dealing with stress, tension and anxiety
•  Can be combined with regular medication for better results
•  Enhances balance between various body systems and functions, thus helping with pain relief
•  Boosts energy and improves digestion and overall health

reflexology therapy
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